Learn to know what people mean before they speak

July 6, 2012 by  

The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce are presenting the next B for Business event on July 12 from 7:30 am – 9:00 am. The topic will be “Stop staring: learn to read body language.” This is a free event and breakfast will be included.

The topic will be presented by Jimmy Grubbs, a personal coach. You cannot always take people at face value in life or in business, so being able to read body language is a valuable tool for anyone to have. While body language does not always match intent, it does more often than not. Hopefully, those who attend will develop the ability to read other’s body language more easily with Mr. Grubbs help.

This will also be an excellent chance for Jackson business professionals to network and to exchange business cards with their peers. Arranging for business card printing in advance will definitely be necessary, since no one want to run out of cards or to hand out cards that are bent, out-of-shape, or smeared. It will also give those businesspeople the chance to practice their “elevator pitch,” which is a 30 – 60 second speech that describes a business and what it can do to help other businesses increase their success. They can also practice what they have learned about body language.

The monthly B for Business series provides seminars and workshops for Jackson area business leaders on many topics of interest. The learning never stops when running a business and even the most seasoned professional has something to learn.