Help support St. Mary’s School

January 21, 2012 by  

The 19th annual St. Mary’s Madri Gras Auction will take place at Carl Perkins Civic Center on January 21 beginning at 6:30 pm. This event raised over $90,000 for the school last year.

There will be something for everyone at the auction which will consist of live and silent auctions. Items up for bid include autographed sports memorabilia, art works, travel packages and several school packages such as a tea party given by kindergarten and 1st grade students and a bunco party hosted by grade 7 and 8 students. In addition to the auctions there will also be a bake shop and a student art gallery.

Local businesses donated many items to the auction. Sponsoring the auction by donating goods and money not only helps the school but it is also a positive for any business. When people believe that you actually care about the community in which you run a business they are more willing to patronize your business. Including your employees in such a fund raising event is a good way to raise their morale and their pride in the company they work for and in the city of Jackson. Arranging for a flyer printing describing the event and including it with their pay stub will tell them all they need to know about the auction.

St. Mary’s School is the oldest Catholic school in Nashville, it opened in 1878. The yearly auction helps to support the continuing history of the school in Jackson.