Fundraiser features piano showdown

September 19, 2018 by  

For the fourth year, Dueling Pianos for Waves was held in Franklin, bringing in funds for Wave Inc., a nonprofit organization. The event took place at Franklin’s Graystone Quarry in early September.

The duelists were award-winning vocalists and pianists Chrissy Sparks and Tim Atwood, who sat at pianos that were placed so that they faced each other. Attendees tipped the duo to sing songs they composed, or to perform the work of other artists. The audience members were also encouraged to sing along.

Delicious food was served to an appreciative audience, who also took the opportunity of exploring Graystone Quarry itself, a new entertainment venue that was once a real quarry. A silent auction, as well as a live auction, also helped raise funds as people bought unique items. Drinks made with Grandaddy Mimm’s Authentic Moonshine were available as well.

The executive director of Waves, Lance Jordan, said the event, like all those involving his organization, reminded him of how generous Franklin’s businesses and residents are. He said he hoped everyone who attended the event had a great time, and he wanted them to know how vital it is that they support Waves. Organizations such as this can use brochure printing to explain their programs.

The nonprofit helps support both children and adults throughout Williamson County who have developmental disabilities. Its activities include community-and home-based interventions, residential programs, day programs, office recycling, and job training.