School districts to apply for Obama administration grants

September 25, 2012 by  

Several school districts, including the one in which Spartanburg is located, announced this month that they will be applying for a portion of the $400 million that will become available as part of the Race to the Top education grants from the United States Department of Education. It would be expected that the school districts would use flyer printing and poster printing to make those in the education community aware of these grants so that they can work together in the application process.

According to the Superintendent of Orangeburg 5 schools, Cynthia Wilson, the school districts in South Carolina that have been or will be involved in the application process are very excited about the grants which will give them an opportunity to create education plans tailored to meet their individual needs.

There was a deadline of August 30 for school districts to fill out an intent-to-apply form with a deadline of October 30 for the final application. The winners of the grants will be announced in December.

Wilson added that the application process requires the school districts to design learning environments that use technology to meet the needs of individual students. This can not only help a school to create a new image for its classrooms and students but help school districts in more rural areas to improve their infrastructures so as to gain high-speed Internet access and purchase personal computers, printers, and other devices.

Superintendent Nancy McGinley of Charleston County said that the technology they hope to have in winning some of the grant money is to move the schools in her district into the 21st century by providing new learning opportunities and relationships between students and their teachers.