Radio communications system upgraded in Spartanburg county

February 17, 2014 by  

The County of Spartanburg recently announced that it had completed an upgrade of its radio communications system that is used by the firefighters in the County.

According to Jim Hipp, Assistant County Administrator, the upgraded radio system cost the County about $456,000. The new rig, based on narrow-banding which had been mandated by the federal government, corrects many of the issues that had been encountered when the County started moving to narrow-banding more than two years ago. As it reduces the strength of the radio signals, they were either lost or cut in and out, making communications among firefighters difficult.

The upgraded system corrects all these glitches by using one operations channel in the County so that everyone can talk to the communications center. There are also four tactical channels so that those who are on the scene of an incident can talk to each other as well. Two of these tactical channels will enable the incident commander to talk directly to the communications center.

Assistant fire chief at North Spartanburg Fire Department, Brent Lewis, said that as a result of the new system, the incident commander will be able to provide complete responsibility for the safety of firefighters in the County. No doubt the County is using flyer printing to let residents know about this upgrade that will improve communications in the fire departments across the County.