Plant to be opened in Spartanburg by Boeing supplier

March 31, 2014 by  

Toray Industries Inc., based in Tokyo and a supplier to the manufacturing plant that Boeing has for its 787 aircraft, recently announced that it will be investing $1bn in a new global facility in the county of Spartanburg.

Most likely the company is using flyer printing to let those in the area know about this new plant, as it is expected that 500 jobs will be created over the next 10 years as a result of the facility.

Officials from the state say that the project is one of the initial capital investments that make up the largest in the history of South Carolina. Toray Industries is a major manufacturer of carbon fiber, which is used in aircraft and other products. It also produces plastic resins, fibers, and textiles, and the new facility will be an important supplier of advanced materials to the aerospace industry.

According to the president of Toray Industries, Akihiro Nikkaku, South Carolina is an ideal location as it provides proximity to customers in the United States and Latin America. The company has already established a good working relationship with the state and looks forward to being part of the business community in the state.

Toray was given $10m in grant funding to acquire land and make property improvements and was approved for job development grant credits as incentives to build in the state.