Guide to Spartanburg’s spicier side to be released this week

March 5, 2012 by  

On Thursday, March 8, a new book titled “The Underground Guide to Spartanburg” written by Joe Mullinax will be released by Hub City Press of Spartanburg in conjunction with the opening of a park located on West Main Street. The new guidebook is 104 pages and will be available for a price of $6.95. Hub City Press will no doubt be using printing services to print flyers, and using poster printing to promote the new book so that people who are planning to visit the city will use it as their primary guide.

According to Mullinex, “The Underground Guide” is unlike a typical travel guide as it shows the sides of Spartanburg that are more authentic, strange and exhilarating and highlights places that visitors and even residents of city that are off–the-beaten-path and lesser known. Among the features in the guidebook are RJ Rockers, a solar-powered brewery; Ferguson’s Tavern, a double bar with dancing; a new French bakery, Baguette & Co., in Cowpens; and a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, El Burrito, in Boiling Springs.

The book was conceived by locals that included artists, writers, musicians, photographers and people who like to get out and do things, and who got together to generate ideas, Mullinex said. In the end, stories and photographs in the guide were contributed by more than 35 writers and photographers, with information about where to go for anything, ranging from dive bars to graffiti walls and junk shops.

According to Betsy Teeter, executive director of the Hub City Press, more than 1,200 local colleges and larger employers have already purchased copies of the book.