Excellence in teaching award given to SMC professor

May 25, 2013 by  

The Spartanburg Methodist College recently announced that Professor of Biology and Physical Science, Ms. Eunice Knouse, will be the recipient of the ECIICU Excellence in Teaching Award for 2013. No doubt the College is using flyer printing to announce this award to the local community, as well as the distinction and honor it gives to the College.

The South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, Inc. is a charitable organization led by business, education, and civic leaders in South Carolina. Knouse is one the 20 liberal arts college teachers in South Carolina who the organization has recognized for the award this year. It is her dedication and commitment to lead the way in studies of the physical sciences and biology that led her to be nominated for this award. In addition, she has been a student advisor, mentor, and friend, and has provided one-to-one instruction to many of her students.

According to the President of Spartanburg Methodist College, Dr. Colleen Keith, many of the former students of Professor Knouse have commented on the valuable role she played in preparing them for future studies in science, and that she is creative, passionate, and caring, so that they can relate to her so well.

During the ceremony, Professor Knouse was awarded $3,000 as a grant for professional development by the Chair of the SCICU Board of Trustees, Ms. Henri Baskins.

Spartanburg Methodist College is an institute for freshmen and sophomore students and is a private, residential college – the only one of its kind in South Carolina.