Horry County getting its school buses ready for the new year

August 25, 2013 by  

Horry County, which includes Myrtle Beach, is performing maintenance on its school buses before the school year begins.

According to reports, the Horry County School District is served by 320 buses, some of which are among the oldest in the country. Parents in the district expressed gratitude that the buses are so well-maintained. Thurmon Hemingway, a grandfather from Myrtle Beach, noted that a bus broke down once and another came immediately – an indication of the need for such strict upkeep.

In order to avoid breakdowns like the one Hemingway described, school buses are inspected every six weeks and 51 separate items are checked. Included on the list are such things as brakes, fluids, and suspension. In addition, the buses are inspected annually, and in greater depth. The annual inspection goes over the electrical systems, brakes, air brake systems, and road checks.

Although parents are appreciative of the fact that the county is so thorough, they also observe that since Horry County is operating the oldest buses in the country, it’s time they were replaced. South Carolina got 340 new school buses last year, and nine went to the Horry County School District. The state is buying more, and Horry County officials hope more are headed their way.

County officials are facing several issues here, and could work with brochure printers to resolve them. First, they could explain the maintenance procedures to reassure parents the buses are safe. Then, they could discuss the new buses the county has acquired, and how they will be used.