State Farm awards safe driving grant to Wando High School

December 8, 2013 by  

Wando High School of Mt. Pleasant was recently awarded a ‘Celebrate My Drive’ grant in a program that was created by State Farm Insurance. Most likely, poster printing was used announce the award throughout the community and Charleston County, as the school will no doubt want to make its achievement known.

More than 3,500 people in the United States and Canada participated in the program and Wando High School was the only high school in South Carolina to receive this award. Jimmy Dunn, State Farm sales leader, along with five agents from the school and school board member of Charleston County, Craig Ascue, presented the award to the students and teachers which was given during a Winter Sports Pep Rally that took place on Tuesday, December 3.

According to Dunn, Wando High School has embraced the program so that students, faculty, and the community are talking positively about teen driver safety and making commitments to safe driving. State Farm is proud of the school in its efforts to enable students to get their license while also learning how to be safe while driving.

State Farm created the Celebrate My Drive program as a different approach to increase awareness of the risks of teenage driving. Statistics have shown that the first year of driving for a teenager is the most dangerous. The Celebrate My Drive program emphasizes the benefits that can be derived from driving safely, accompanied by the freedom with getting a driver’s license.