Rhett Women’s Center helps with weight problems during the holiday season.

November 22, 2011 by  

With the holiday season close upon us, Dr. Edmund Rhett of the Rhett Women’s Center in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina recently reported that the average woman can gain up to eight pounds over the holiday season. The doctor claims that women can best prepare themselves by planning and taking the proper precautions during the month of November in order to control the potential amount of weight gain that can occur.

The Rhett Women’s Center is doing all it can to help women control their weight during the holiday season. They are using various printing services to print brochures about managing one’s weight during the holiday season, meal plans for the family, foods that should be avoided or had in smaller quantities as well as flyers to promote their efforts and increase clientele at this critical time of the year.

In addition to using printing services to inform clients about weight management, the Center is encouraging women to make appointments to help them deal with individual issues. Dr. Rhett emphasizes that trying to lose weight during the holiday season is a challenging undertaking and that women in particular should concentrate more on preventing the pounds from being added on the trying to lose them. Thanksgiving Day is one day when people tend to indulge themselves but need to be more aware of what they eat on a daily basis.

Abnormal weight gain can sometimes be attributed to medical problems and by meeting with the staff at the Center, women can become more aware of these issues and learn how to handle them in a healthy and effective manner.