Mt. Pleasant youngster awarded scholarship for key fundraising efforts

August 15, 2013 by  

Kohl’s Department Store recently awarded Sophie Estoppey of Mt. Pleasant a $1,000 scholarship for her work to support Crisis Ministries, the homeless shelter in Charleston. No doubt the department store has been using flyer printing and poster printing to announce this award and make the community more aware of the charity.

Keys for Hope is primarily run by youngsters, and it has been working hard to raise $40,000 that will help the homeless shelter to expand the new location and build a new soup kitchen. To raise the money, it takes discarded keys and converts them into miniature works of art, selling them for $5 apiece.

According to Estoppey, other kids are involved in making and selling the keys, which are available at stores such as Royall Ace and Wonder Works, as well as at festivals and craft fairs. The keys can be used as favors at parties and weddings and sometimes people donate money to the cause without any expectation of receiving any keys. The end goal is to raise $1m for the charity, adds Estoppey.

There were only 200 youngsters to receive the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship, of which Estoppey was one. The program is designed to reward youngsters who have demonstrated leadership, generosity, initiative, and great benefits and outcomes derived from their project. Estoppey, as a winner in the region, is now in the running for one of the store’s ten $10,000 scholarships up for grabs at the national level.