Mt. Pleasant wins Tree City USA award

July 29, 2012 by  

On July 23, the town of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina was awarded the Tree City USA Award for the 23rd consecutive year by the South Carolina Forestry Commission for its commitment to urban forestry. The town is no doubt using flyer printing and poster printing to make known throughout the state the prestigious designation it has received, thanks to the work of the town’s certified arborist Eddie Bernard.

Frances Waite, the South Carolina Forestry Commission coastal region forester, congratulated the Council for the Town for its long-standing commitment to responsible stewardship, sustainability, and support of the Tree USA program. There are four standards that Mt. Pleasant needs to meet in order to maintain its status as Tree City USA – having an ordinance for the caring of trees, a community forestry program that is deemed to be comprehensive, a tree board or department, and an observance on Arbor Day.

In the years that Mt. Pleasant has received the designation, it has planted more than 6,000 trees in the town, most of which are live oaks. Last year, the Town beautified the streetscapes of Whipple Road, Hungryneck Boulevard, Coleman Boulevard, Road Ferry Road, and Snee Farm with 188 trees that included varieties of red bud, magnolia, oak, cedar, maples, laurel, and palm.

According to Bernard, Mt. Pleasant has a philosophy of using tree conservation and management to beautify streets and properties. Additional benefits of the trees, Bernard says, are to improve the appearance of the Town, help to keep it cool, buffer it from high winds which could cause damage, and increase property values.