Project Warmth delivers fleece blankets to seniors

December 4, 2011 by  

The Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission Council on Aging in Lexington, South Carolina is adding to its year-round Meals-on-Wheels program a program that will provide a $5.00 fleece blanket to the 400 elderly it serves. Called Project Warmth, the project accepts donations of fleece blankets or monetary donations towards a fleece blanket. Donations can be made online or by bringing them to the Council’s headquarters in Lexington.

The Council is using printing services to publish flyers and posters about this additional project that is being carried out during the Christmas season. Printing services are also being used to include additional information about Project Warmth in the Council’s periodic newsletter, the “LCRAC Times”.

According to Dorothy Hundley, a 93-year old participant in the Meals on Wheels program, the program not only provides an enjoyable meal during the weekdays but comfort and caring from the volunteers who deliver the meals. She pointed out that the food is delicious and seeing the volunteers is even better, as they usually spend 10 to 15 minutes with her to talk and socialize. Hundley also has three children, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren who visit her on a regular basis.

Maxine Caughman, one of the volunteers who is involved in collecting the blankets, points out that others in the Meals on Wheels program are not as fortunate as Hundley. Some do not have any remaining family and rely on the visits of the volunteers who deliver the meals as their social outlet.

The blankets will be delivered to the participants of the Meals on Wheels program between December 19 and 22 by school children after school hours who will also sing carols as part of the delivery.