Greenery to be added on Lexington roads

May 8, 2012 by  

The town of Lexington, South Carolina recently announced that it plans to landscape seven major intersections of roadways on the town perimeter in an effort to create “front porches” around the town. The town is no doubt using poster printing and flyer printing to make the residents of the town aware of its efforts to plant greenery at these entrances to the community so as to be more inviting and friendly to the public.

An advisory committee recommended the plan as a means of welcoming residents back to their home and of inviting travelers to pay a visit to the town. The plan will help to improve the first impression that Lexington makes to its visitors, the committee reported.

The intersection of U.S. 378 and I-20 on the east side of town marks the beginning of the project with the planting of grass, flowers, trees and bushes. The main entries into town will have an aesthetic appeal created by additional landscaping along busy roads. Some sections of commuter routes such as U.S. 378, U.S. 1 and S.C. 6 will be the recipients of greenery and shrubs that will create landscaped buffers and still maintain the current width of the roads, so as to avoid problems that have occurred with similar projects in the past, says Mayor Randy Halfacre.

Funding for the project will come from state and federal aid and donations from local festivals. A price tag of $600,000 has been determined for the first project with no forecasts made as to the price of the additional projects, which will occur in stages over the next five years.