Small Business Week headlines month of May

May 4, 2012 by  

With the Greenville Chamber of Commerce hosting a Sales Roundtable and a networking luncheon, it’s clear that members of the local business community are getting a solid number of worthwhile events to choose from.

Out of these three occasions, the one coming up the soonest is the Sales Roundtable that’s being held near the middle of the month. Starting officially on the 16th of May, business owners and those who work in sales have the option of coming together and participating in yet another information-filled workshop. The topic of this particular meet up is ‘Creativity in Sales’. Being hosted by none other than Jon Evans of Engenius Web Development, this is going to be an excellent opportunity to come in and listen to what the insights of an experienced speaker.

While the content of the Sales Roundtable is undoubtedly going to be valuable, the Small Business Week Kickoff Luncheon will be taking place May 21st this one’s expected to be the spark that sets everything else in motion. With the schedule expected to include “Greenville Day”, “Access Day”, “Grow Your Influence Day”, and “Green Day” in that order from the 21st until the 25th, the chamber will be giving members an in-depth look at each these areas. With so many decision-makers in fields that could very well come in handy down the line, company decision-makers can’t go wrong getting in touch with a print company over the possibility of getting a solid supply of business card printing .

In many respects ‘balanced’ is a great way to describe the Greenville Chamber’s May calendar.