S.C. Botanical Gardens start to reopen

July 19, 2013 by  

Folks in Greenville and throughout the state will be delighted to hear that the S.C. Botanical Garden has partially reopened. Devastated from flooding over the weekend, the garden was forced to close for the first time ever.

While poster printing will likely be started to celebrate the reopening, it will still be some time before it is up and running in its entirety, though.

Talking about some of the damage that still needs to be tidied up, garden worker Meganne Evans said:

“Some of the flooding shifted a few bridges.”

She went on to say that one bridge had been lost completely.

The heavy rain at the weekend caused terrible damage all across the park though. The official statement released from Clemson University, said:

“The mountain meadow below the dam, including the new Natural Heritage Garden trail and all of the plantings, were battered by water and the Geogrid trail was lifted from the ground and washed down slope.”

The release went on to say that small trees and bushes were simply washed out of the ground by the volume of water too, while it also damaged the foundations of the Hunt Cabin.

Perhaps most damaging of all was the harm done to the park’s irrigation system, which was effectively washed away, along with tonnes of topsoil.

Work is continuing to get the garden back on its feet in earnest though, and employees are confident. However, having confirmed that this year has been the most damaging for weather, it is clear there is still a long bridge to cross, or indeed find.