Greenville Chamber hosting workshops and roundtables

April 4, 2012 by  

With two roundtables and an online marketing workshop just around the corner, it’s clear, if the calendar is anything to go by, that the Greenville Chamber of Commerce has lined up a good number of events that members of the business community can benefit from.

Even though many businesses have taken to promoting themselves online and have likely seen what quality content and digital business cards can do, trends have changed so quickly that certain approaches are becoming obsolete. In a presentation on April 10th, the Non-Profit Alliance will be giving local entrepreneurs more information on how to get more out of their online advertising efforts. Where promoting the company is concerned, business owners will get all the information they need in this workshop.

For those who work in the manufacturing sector, the chamber will be hosting “Manufacturers Roundtable: Finding Funding for Your Training Needs”, a day later on the 11th. Featuring a qualified panel of distinguished guests, managers will get a chance to learn about the resources that are available to them where the training of employees is concerned. Free for members of the Greenville chamber, and set at $10 for guests, company decision makers can’t go wrong giving this one a try.

A less industry-based roundtable also being held by the chamber this February is what’s been listed in the diary as a “Sales Roundtable: Speed Networking”. Local entrepreneurs and sales persons have been known to attend this event on a regular basis. This is the place to be for those who want to network efficiently, it would be certainly worth placing an order for business card printing at a local print shop to bring to the evening and exchange with potential contacts.