First B&M facilities opened by online school

February 13, 2014 by  

The Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC), an online public charter school, recently held a grand opening ceremony in Greenville to celebrate the opening of several brick and mortar locations throughout the state.

These brick and mortar centers will help students to have access to teachers several hours at a time, four days a week. According to Charles Middleton, Academic Administrator for the Cyber Academy of South Carolina, having these centers will enable students who do not have the discipline to be online for six hours a day over five days a week to become more focused on their studies.

Middleton added that it was always a plan of the CASC to have a blended learning environment. Before these brick and mortar centers opened, students were required to be exclusively online 30 hours a week, but now they have the ability to do their work whenever and wherever they want. Students can either go online when a class is taking place or watch the class later as each one is recorded.

There are eight subject area teachers, two remedial teacher, three special education teachers, one full-time counselor, and three in administrative roles for the 550 students who attend the school.

The school is likely to have used flyer printing and poster printing to reach out to students and their parents, who are already enrolled in or are interested in the school, so as to make them aware of these additional services.