$1m donated to USC upstate medical school

April 24, 2013 by  

The president of the University of South Carolina’s (USC) School of Medicine-Greenville, Harris Pastides announced that the school has recently benefited from a very generous donation from James T. Pearce, Sr., an alumnus of the school.

Totaling at a cool $1m, it will be used towards the establishment of a $50m endowment for the funding of scholarships to help talented students to pay for their education. No doubt banner printing has been used to make this announcement so as to attract more students to the school and even encourage them to stay after completing their medical school requirements and practice.

According to the dean of the school, Dr. Jerry Youkey, the average debt of a graduating medical student is about $200,000 and, as about three quarters of USC’s students remain in South Carolina to practice, it is a high priority of the school to attract the best students possible. He added that students frequently make the decision on which school to attend based on scholarship money. With the annual tuition of the medical school being about $35,000, Youkey said that the interest earned from the gift can pay for one student for four years of medical school.

Pearce attended USC with the intent to become a doctor, but earned his graduation in 1942 with a biology degree. He worked for the family business after being in the U.S. Marine Corps for three and a half years. He has contributed to his alma-mater for many years and decided to make the donation after he read about the new medical school in the Greenville News.