South Carolina enjoys tax-free holiday for school supplies

August 5, 2012 by  

This weekend, from Friday through Sunday, there will be a sales tax holiday in South Carolina for school supplies. The South Carolina Department of Revenue no doubt is using flyer printing and poster printing to make parents and school districts aware of this annual event so as to encourage them to make their purchases during this period of time.

According to the owner of Dillard’s Sporting Goods in Anderson, Bill Dillard, this is a good time to save on such items as pencils, paper clips, paper, tape, towels and tape. Sports equipment is also tax exempt but it depends on what type of equipment it is. He said that such items as athletic uniforms and tennis shoes fall within the tax-exempt category but helmets and other such equipment do not. Cloth items that are worn are tax-free but items made of plastic or some other hard materials that are worn are not tax–free.

Dillard says he expects that sales in his store will increase as people will be coming from Upstate South Carolina as well as Georgia. In addition, he expects to see many sales coming from school districts in South Carolina as, unlike Georgia, they have to pay sales tax throughout the year. He is hoping to see many districts in the state make large purchases on such items as football uniforms and other related items.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue expects that this tax-free weekend will save shoppers more than $3 million.