Rail service in South Carolina hopes to go full steam ahead

October 5, 2012 by  

Officials in Marion county and Horry county in South Carolina, in which anderson is located, and one county in North Carolina have recently announced that they have put together a committee to look into the absence of rail services in these counties.

The officials have no doubt been using flyer printing and poster printing to rally support for this endeavor so as to be able to draw new businesses into the area and enable existing businesses to expand.

The three counties have 93 miles of railroad tracks that are owned by the Carolina Southern Railroad of Conway, South Carolina but they have not been in operation since August 2011 due to problems with the structures of seven of its bridges.

According to the son of the owner of the railroad, Ken Pippin, and its general manager, Jason Pippin, the company has already spent $400,000 to repair three of the bridges but needs an additional $1.5 million to repair the other four. Until now, the offices in the Conway Train Depot in South Carolina have been kept open through their own person funds.

According to the chairman of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Corporation and co-chairman of the railroad committee, Doug Wendell, one of the possibilities for helping Carolina Southern is to purchase the company, with another alternative being a loan to repair the bridges, as well as to make other necessary improvements so that the railroad is operational.

Brad Lofton, also of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Corporation, added that the railroad is essential as the area does not have an interstate highway on which businesses typically rely to get raw materials.