QuikTrip pushes growth in South Carolina

February 5, 2012 by  

QuikTrip, a Tulsa-Oklahoma based convenience store chain, will be opening two stores in Anderson, South Carolina later this month, according to a report by the “Anderson Independent Mail” newspaper. The retailer currently has three stores in Spartanburg and one store in Anderson and is beginning construction on another store in Anderson. It is using printing services to create flyers and brochures to be distributed in the Anderson area to inform the public about its new stores and the products and services that it is offering.

As stated by manager of public and government affairs for the company, Mike Thornburgh, QuikTrip is planning to build many more stores in the Upstate part of South Carolina. Thornburgh added that the company likes the area, in particular the people and the landscape of that triangle. The company’s goals for expansion give its employees a chance to grow and succeed, Thornburgh said, and the Carolinas are a good location for fulfilling those goals and offering the company’s business. There are currently new QuikTrip stores under construction in Easley, Clover and Gaffney, South Carolina with an additional four stores under construction in Greenville and two more stores in Spartanburg. The stores are 5,700 square feet in size and take about 26 weeks to build, Thornburgh said. Neighboring North Carolina is another location in which QuikTrip is planning its expansion. CSNews Online reported that the retailer’s first location will be opened in Charlotte sometime in March.

QuikTrip has always been a growing company and opened 21 stores in 2011 which represented a 3.7 percent increase in the total number of stores it has opened. The company plans to open a greater number of stores in 2012 than it did in 2011, with 44 stores currently under construction.