Partnership to increase economic growth in Anderson County

January 6, 2012 by  

A drive to increase economic growth in Anderson County, South Carolina is being led by two of the state’s leaders in research and technology, Clemson University and Innovate Anderson, a partnership between public and private institutions whose goal is to grow the economy of Anderson County.

A new research campus will be developed in Anderson County near the Clemson University campus, designed to attract research companies to foster economic growth. Clemson and Innovate Anderson will be using printing services to create brochures and flyers with more information about their endeavor; these will no doubt be distributed to local businesses, to attract them to the new campus and encourage incubating new businesses there.

According to the chairman of the board of Innovate Anderson, Beth Hughes, the main goal of the new campus will be to increase business relationships between Anderson County and Clemson University, which is known for its world class faculty, students, staff and facilities. In addition, the director of commercialization and technology incubation at Clemson, Karl Kelley, pointed out the existing research, technology and engineering has lead many high technology companies to build new systems and equipment at Clemson and this new agreement will lead to further developments by other corporations.

The existing entities at Clemson, which Clark hopes will create successful collaborations, include is a major center for super-computing known as the Information Technology Center, Clemson Computing and Information Technology. This will provide a variety of computing services to the private sector; and the L.G. Rich Environment Laboratories will concentrate on programs in environmental sciences and toxicology. Clark expects these facilities and many others will attract corporations to introduce new businesses and opportunities on the new campus.