Neighborhood market from Wal-Mart opens in Anderson County

March 7, 2013 by  

The county of Anderson, South Carolina, recently became home to the first Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in the state in the town of Greer, located near Anderson.

Among the items that the new store will be providing are pharmacy items, groceries, and general merchandise. The groceries offered will include deli products, fresh produce, and organic items. There will be a pharmacy in the store and stationery products, pet products, paper goods, and hardware merchandise will also be available.

No doubt flyer printing and poster printing are among the methods being used to make local residents aware of this new and different type of store offered by Wal-Mart. With new jobs coming as a result, it could mean digital business cards at the ready as well.

Around 80 part-time and full-time jobs were created as a result of the store’s opening, and many existing employees were able to relocate to the store. Kirsten Tucker, the store manager, began as a cake decorator in 1999 for the Wal-Mart store in Greenville and 11 of the associates in the store have worked for the company for over a decade.

According to the Mayor of Greer, Rick Danner, the town was very excited when Wal-Mart first announced the construction of the store. Its presence will bring with it tax benefits and employment opportunities, while providing high-quality goods and services that are the flagship of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. He added that having local people working at, and managing, the store will make it even more valued to the neighborhood.