Lowest gas prices found in South Carolina

June 14, 2012 by  

Anderson, South Carolina, was earlier this month found to have the lowest gas prices in the state of South Carolina, with the price of a gallon of gas at $3.05. Three other cities in the state have also been found by GasBuddy.com to have the lowest average rates at the pump, enabling the state to claim itself as being the state with the cheapest gas prices in the country. Those who sell gas in South Carolina are bound to use poster printing and flyer printing to make automobile drivers aware of this situation so they may be less inclined to worry about refueling their tanks and more inclined to use their cars and travel more throughout the state.

The price of gas in Spartanburg and Greenville was found by GasBuddy.com to be $3.09 a gallon on Monday, June 4th while the price of gas in Columbia was $3.12 a gallon and in Myrtle Beach was $3.16 a gallon. In Greenville, the price of gas fell 8 cents per gallon, nearly twice that of the national average of 4.5 cents a gallon.

According to Bloomberg market reports, the driving force behind the decrease in prices is the reduction in the price of crude oil. As of Monday, a barrel of crude oil was priced at $99, down $4 from the previous week. Senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy.com, Patrick DeHann, says that prices for gas will continue to drop east of the Rockies in the months to come and will also drop on the West Coast as it recovers from mechanical problems it suffered a few weeks ago.