First Quality Tissue to expand in Anderson

October 3, 2013 by  

First Quality Tissue, LLC recently announced that it will be expanding its plant in Anderson to make way for a third tissue-making machine. No doubt the company will eventually be using business card printing services for the 200 new employees it plans to hire as a result of this expansion.

According to Nick Simeon Simeonidis, a spokesman for First Quality, the two machines the company has in Anderson are already operated by 500 employees. With the addition of the third machine, the firm is in the process of preparing the site, with the area for expansion to be graded and the construction of the new machine to take place on the site as well. This will also require the construction of new conversion lines and warehouse assets.

This expansion is being driven by an economic incentive package confirmed in 2018, which required the creation of 400 jobs and a minimum investment of $500m by the end of 2015. As First Quality met those requirements, it was able to qualify for this package. In addition, when a new tissue machine from First Quality goes into production, the firm invests about $250m for the project.

First Quality Tissue is one of the companies of First Quality Enterprises, which specializes in the manufacturing of a diversified product line. Founded in December 2004, it uses a proprietary Through Air Drying Technology that creates a high quality paper towel designed to be thicker and more absorbent than traditional equivalents.