Centenarian teacher honored by former students

July 8, 2013 by  

Few teachers can claim to have shaped the lives of their students for over 60 years, but this is exactly what an Anderson teacher has done and, in recognition of her tireless commitment to the cause, 101-year-old Elizabeth ‘Lib’ Harris has been honored by many of her students of the past.

Having taught at both Anderson Girls and Anderson Boys High School, Harris was teaching students home economics back in the 1948-49 years, which began her journey to a longstanding career. She is the only surviving teacher of that time.

The pupils at the time are also now all in their eighties, and a collection of them turned up at the La Quinta Inn in Anderson in late June to offer their thanks to the teacher, of whom they each have many fond memories.

Attending the hall, which was likely decorated with banner printing to mark the occasion, Harris was overwhelmed to receive a standing ovation from many of her students. Fighting back tears, she gladly hugged and shook hands with her former charges too.

Talking about how important his mother was, and still is, to the local community, Lib Harris’ son said:

“It never fails that people remember her,

“We’ll be out at lunch and somebody will come up to her and begin to tell her some memory they have of one of her classes. She has touched so many lives.”

He went on to say that she is clearly imprinted on the hearts of many.