Wil-Mar Golf Club offers specials for the holiday season

November 27, 2012 by  

The Wil-Mar Golf Club of Raleigh, North Carolina, recently announced some upgrades and additions to its golf club in time for the holiday and winter traveling seasons.

The Wil-Mar Golf Club originally opened more than 50 years ago and has been in the Allen family for its entire existence. Fran Wilkerson, co-owner of the Golf Club and daughter of the founder, Bill Allen, says that the characteristic which defines the Golf Club and makes it unique is its family atmosphere.

Among the special offerings of the Wil-Mar Golf Club are four sets of tees, a modern clubhouse, three putting greens, a full practice range and a snack bar which offers full Southern-style meals, like chicken and dumplings and meatloaf. Someone greets the players by name as they enter the golf club and there is always a friendly dog running around the clubhouse to add to the cosy atmosphere.

The Golf Club has no doubt used poster printing and flyer printing to inform those who enjoy playing golf from both inside and outside North Carolina of the Club’s special services that make it a unique golfing experience.

Wilkerson shares ownership of the Golf Club with her brother, Marty Allen, who is in charge of the business operations and she takes care of the golf instruction side of the business.

The Golf Club covers 154 acres of land about four miles outside of Raleigh in a rural an rustic farmland setting, where the fairways are lined with maple, oak, and cedar trees and the 10th hole has cows grazing in the fields adjacent to it.