University dedicates its new library

April 18, 2013 by  

North Carolina State University dedicated its new James B. Hunt Jr. Library earlier this month. The library is located on the Centennial Campus in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The campus is unusual in that it is a research park, and home to a number of different companies in addition to the university. Some of the companies now ‘partnered’ with others on the campus include All Systems Broadband from Livermore, California; Ming Yang Wind Power from Zhongshan Guangdong Province, China and the USDA. There is also a veterinary school, a French business school, and a public middle school.

The library, which comprises 221,000 square feet and cost approximately $115.2m, is named for James B. Hunt Jr., who is an alumnus of NC State and won four terms as North Carolina’s governor. He is also considered by many to be an advocate for technology, a dedication reflected in the new facility.

Hunt, who was present at the ceremony, said he never thought the library would be as good as it is, and went on to relate that he is most excited by the students who have told him how much they like the building.

Among the library’s amenities are simulation studios, including one where naval ROTC candidates operate the bridge of a simulated warship, and a robotic retrieval method that covers five stories and has room for as many as two million volumes.

Library officials will want to make these amenities known, and could work with brochure printers to create inviting materials for distribution to all the entities on Centennial Campus. They might also consider contacting flyer printing services for pieces suitable for a wider mailing.