Tops honors awarded to North Raleigh Florist as State Fair

December 18, 2012 by  

The annual North Carolina State Fair Professional Floral Competition recently held in Raleigh, North Carolina has recognized several of the florists from the North Raleigh Florist Shop, which is located on Six Forks Road. Janice Cutler, president and owner of the store, no doubt used flyer printing and poster printing to let customers know about these awards so as make customers and others aware of the quality of the flowers and floral arrangements at the store.

The Floral Competition has unique categories in which submissions can be made. For this year, they were a sympathy and memorial piece for the Civil War, a Southern bridesmaid’s bouquet, a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, a door decoration made entirely from North Carolina products, and a floral arrangement with a beach theme. Amy Sipe, Samantha Alawar, Julie Vaughn, and Christina Tessitore participated in all categories and in all phases of the competition.

Third place was awarded to Vaughn for her tropical beach arrangement which consisted of yellow lilies, grass loops, protea, and ti leaves so as to create the feeling of a getaway to an island. She also won first place for the all North Carolina products door decoration with an arrangement of fresh gourds, dried tobacco, green hydrangea, and cherry brandy roses.

Second place was awarded to Alawar for her Civil War sympathy piece with consisted of smooth stones, moss, an American flag, and daisies that marked the final resting place of a soldier who has fallen.

First place was awarded to Sipe for her Southern bridal bouquet, which had bright flowers in a rainbow of colors that included white and purple hydrangea.