Suspension bridge to add finishing touch to nature trail

April 18, 2013 by  

The final steps are being taken towards completing a new greenway in Raleigh. The Neuse River Trail, which will officially open next week, is nearly finished, except for a pedestrian bridge.

The bridge, which is 270 feet long and 7 feet wide and sited northeast of the city’s Hedingham region, crosses the Neuse River – one of two suspension bridges that do so.

The Neuse River Trail is one of several greenways in the city, and is a proud achievement for its designers and city planners. The greenway is approximately 28 miles in length, and follows the river from the landmark Falls Dam, located in Wake County, to the Johnston County line.

Vic Lebsock, one of the planners, called the trail a “significant achievement” for Raleigh, and said he was happy it was almost ready to open. Local cyclist Josh Smith agreed with Lebsock, saying that he found the trail beautiful, as well as an interesting way to get around the city and learn more about Raleigh. The trail is also the reason Smith began riding a bicycle.

Iona Thomas is project manager of the Neuse River Trail, and notes that the first design of the bridge used traditional truss construction. Switching to a suspension bridge saved Raleigh an estimated $1.2m.

Raleigh officials will want to encourage residents to use the new greenway, so they could opt to work with flyer printing services to create a piece for wide dissemination, including direct mail. It could include a map of the trail and the benefits of using it.

The trail opens formally on April 25.