Shipping containers to be designed as greenhouse and farmers’ market

September 15, 2012 by  

Benjamin Greene and Tyler Nethers, two 29-year-old men from Raleigh, North Carolina, recently announced that after experimenting with innovative methods to grow food for the last three years, they are ready to launch a system for food production using shipping containers that will be home to a greenhouse an a farmers’ market.

It would be no surprise if they were using poster printing and flyer printing to make the farmers in the urban area and researchers at North Carolina State University aware of their project, so as to be able to raise the funds they need to construct and establish their idea in either downtown Durham or Raleigh.

According to Greene, ‘the Farmery’, as they have named it, solves a big problem that many small farmers have faced over the years which is that many of the big supermarkets would not buy their produce because they did not have the supplies of larger farms. The Farmery will be able to grow produce and supplement the supply gap that the supermarkets require. In addition, local farmers will be able to sell jams and jellies and other homemade goods at the Farmery’s farmers’ market.

Greene added that by growing produce in the self-contained units, many of the costs, such as packaging, fuel for transportation, and distribution, that present challenges to traditional farmers can be eliminated.

As of September 12, the Farmery had 120 backers who had pledged more than $5,000 towards the goal of $25,000, which they need to meet by September 28 in order to get permission to establish the Farmery.