Raleigh’s Cameron Village draws restaurants and shops

February 28, 2014 by  

Raleigh shoppers have two high-end shopping centers to choose from, and they are reaping the benefits of the competition between them, as the centers compete for the best stores.

The two centers, North Hills and Cameron Village, have been engaged in an on-going back-and-forth contest in their efforts to bring the best accessories and fashion shops to the respective locations. Sometimes, this results in a sort of trade.

A boutique called Scout & Molly’s left Cameron Village to move to North Hills, where it had once operated a store. The following day, Haley Cushman, owner of Haley’s Boutique, moved from North Hills to Cameron Village, in the space that Scout & Molly’s vacated. Other stores moving into Cameron Village include a fashion shop called Lori + Lulu, the first in the area. It was joined by Anna & Alice and Jitty’s.

Cameron Village is also drawing eateries. The old Cafe Caturra space will become Tazza Kitchen, and construction has resumed on Sushi Gami, which will reopen in March. The winner in all this moving and building are Raleigh shoppers, who will have even more shops and restaurants to choose from as the two centers continue to compete for quality tenants.

As new stores open, they could work with flyer printing companies to create handouts for distribution on the opening day. They could include coupons and other incentives to invite shoppers to visit their businesses.