Raleigh warms up to food trucks

May 22, 2013 by  

Raleigh residents are warming up to a phenomenon that is already popular elsewhere: food trucks.

These rolling coaches serve up hot meals quickly at very low prices, and offer an amazing variety of tasty treats. It was reported earlier in May that the trucks have proved to be so popular that some entrepreneurs spent Mother’s Day (May 12) in a Food Truck Rodeo. The event will repeat on June 9, August 11, and October 13.

Some of the vendors who participated include Philly’s Cheesesteaks, Stoke & Smoke BBQ, Kona Ice, and Tarheel Creamery. Estimates were that 40 food trucks and as many as 6,000 people attended the rodeo, which reflects the trucks’ growing popularity.

Raleigh City Council considered the issue of allowing food trucks to operate within the city two years ago and allowed a small number to set up shop. However, concerns were raised about the impact of the trucks on traditional restaurants, the quality and safety of the food, and how much space the trucks would take, as parking is already scarce. Council members also expressed concern that the trucks would draw crowds, resulting in noise and litter.

However, a year later, when the issue came up again, the Council discovered there had not been a single complaint about the trucks then operating, so they decided to grant licenses to additional vendors. Thus far, the results have continued to be positive.

Since the trucks are mobile, vendors could consider work with banner printing experts to create a large banner to install on the truck once it is parked for the day.