Raleigh to get new blow dry bar

March 18, 2014 by  

A trip to New York City was the inspiration for a new business slated to open in Raleigh on June 1.

Julie Burris was in the city two years ago and discovered a blow dry bar. She was intrigued by the concept and texted her sister-in-law, Jenny Beaudin, about it, wondering why there was no such shop in Raleigh. Burris and Beaudin then decided to quit their teaching jobs to open Raleigh’s first blow dry bar, which they’re calling Blown Away. The new storefront will be located in North Hills.

A blow dry bar is a salon that offers only limited services—a shampoo, set, and blow dry—for an economical price. The services are designed for a quick “touch up”. Beaudin notes that it’s impossible for people to duplicate the work their stylist does, but they can come to Blown Away and have a quick redo before a special event.

The new shop will offer shampoos, scalp massages, and blow dries, as well as some additional services such as deep conditioning treatments. Appointments are short, lasting only 30-40 minutes, and basic services are all priced at $35. The shop will offer free drinks such as coffee, champagne, beer, and wine to its customers.

Blown Away plans to take walk-ins, but recommends clients make appointments for Fridays and Saturdays. No doubt the two entrepreneurs will be using tools like digital business cards to promote their new venture.