Raleigh to be home for new data center for OnRamp

February 8, 2013 by  

It was recently announced by OnRamp, an operations company for data centers with headquarters in Austin, Texas, that Raleigh, North Carolina will be home to a new data center.

According to Lucas Braun, CEO for OnRamp, the company decided to expand its capabilities to the East Coast to meet demand for such services as high density co-location, cloud computing, disaster recovery services, and hosting with high security. The Raleigh location will allow the company to ensure that its services will be provided on two separate power grids so as to enable a diversity of geography and power.

The new data center, 12,000 square feet in size, has a prime location in Research Triangle Park and features levels of reliability, security, and redundancy that are among the highest by using its own Redundant Isolated Path Power Architecture, which provides two separate and independent sources of power to a data center.
The company is no doubt using business card printing to update its business cards and let current and potential customers become aware of the company’s additional capabilities.

There will be experienced engineers at the new data center who will provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. These engineers will be involved in hands-on support with the capability and expertise to help customers with routine requests, as well as more complex and individualized ones. This will enable customers to see OnRamp as part of their own information technology departments, as they will be able to work closely with the company and provide enhanced services to the users within their own companies.