Raleigh purchases hospital land for conversion to park

January 3, 2013 by  

The 325-acre Dorothea Dix property in Raleigh, North Carolina, which has been home to a state mental hospital that has been closed since last summer, was recently leased to the city so as to be able to be turned into a regional park and protect green space within the city. So that residents of the city will be able to patronize the park and help turn it into a “destination park”, the city may consider turning to local flyer printing and poster printing services.

Governor beverly Perdue signed documents that leased the property to the city of Raleigh at a cost of $68m for a period of 75 years with an option to extend the agreement for another 24 years. This was the final step in the process during which Perdue and other elected officials from across the state signed off on the deal in early December.

At the signing of the agreement, Perdue said that such actions help to ensure that the people of North Carolina will have access to a sacred public trust for the next 75 years, if not longer. Mayor Nancy McFarlane of Raleigh added that the leaders of the city are going to make the greatest effort to turn the park into something that can be cherished by the citizens of the state for many years.

There are still some 1,800 Health and Human Services state employees who still work on the Dix property in its remaining buildings and may be able to remain there for the next 15 years.