Raleigh plans to create a new park

April 18, 2013 by  

Raleigh officials hope to make the approach to the city’s downtown more beautiful by creating a park where vacant buildings now stand.

Demolition started at the beginning of the month when crews took down the AMF Bowling alley that stood on Capital Boulevard. The city bought the building a year ago for approximately $1m and would like to purchase additional properties surrounding it.

In addition, city officials intend to improve the road as well as cleaning up Pigeon House Creek, which is nearby. The area is prone to flooding, which may have contributed to the number of abandoned buildings there. Community leaders believe that once the demolition and cleanup is finished, there will be significant interest from commercial concerns, since the street is a major route to the city’s heart.

The city’s deputy planning director, Ken Bowers, believes cleaning up the stretch on Capital Boulevard will spur new development that wants to have a view to the park. He even foresees residential development taking place here and notes that the location is sure to be desirable once barriers to investment are removed.

One business owner in agreement is Roger White, whose barber shop is directly across from the AMF site, and he favors Raleigh’s plans, saying people enjoy being part of new things. He added that he moved to Capital Boulevard three years previously, and it was a good decision. Other area residents have mixed feelings, and will miss the bowling alley in particular.

City officials might consider developing a brochure to make available to potential commercial investors, and could work with local brochure printers to create one.