Raleigh gets new restaurant

June 8, 2013 by  

It was reported in late May that a new restaurant will soon be opening in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

Brothers Will and Joseph Jeffers, along with their business partner Drew Maykuth, are going to open Stanbury – an eatery that will feature mostly seasonal and local foods. They hope to create a comfortable place that will appeal to a wide range of diners, some of whom will no doubt stop for a beer while others look forward to an evening of fine dining.

The Jefferses and Maykuth plan to source their restaurant from local growers and suppliers, so the menu will change slightly each day, depending on what’s fresh and available. They also plan to create an entirely new menu each month.

Maykuth comes to Raleigh from The Admiral in Asheville, where he was the chef. He first met Will and Joe Jeffers at Warren Wilson College – an unusual institution which requires its students to work on campus, do community service, and finish an academic course to graduate. It maintains a working farm, and many friends of Maykuth and the Jeffers are farmers. The three plan to reconnect with some of these friends so they can supply the restaurant.

Joe Jeffers will also be the bartender, and says he intends to use the same local, seasonal idea there as well. The bar will feature local craft beers, as well as cocktails and wine.

The trio will want to reach a wide audience with the concept, so could work with brochure printers to create a piece that features photos of the new restaurant, as well as explaining the concept.