Raleigh gets federal and state grant money to help it go green

March 7, 2013 by  

The City of Raleigh is going green, at least along Capital Boulevard, and has accepted $1.47 million in federal and state monies to help with a clean-up.

Raleigh is an old city, which means it has a lot of quirks, one of which is the route Capital Boulevard takes at the northern end of the city near the Raleigh Beltline. There, the southbound and northbound lanes split, going around either side of a small area of old businesses and a polluted creek prone to flooding. The city wants to clean up this “island” and the creek as well.

It plans to buy and then tear down the Milner Inn. The one-story motel’s owners are willing to sell, since the property has flooded several times and guests have awakened to find their rooms full of water, and their property damaged.

After the motel is gone, Raleigh plans to buy the rest of the property and turn it into a new green space called North Boulevard Park. Capital Boulevard’s split lanes will be rejoined and rerouted to the west side of the new park. Raleigh is eager to get the project underway so the northern approach to the city is more attractive.

City officials could work with experts in flyer printing or brochure printing services to devise a mailer for Raleigh residents, explaining the project and encouraging them to take advantage of the park when it is ready to be enjoyed.