Raleigh drivers get a break from lane closures

December 12, 2013 by  

A major road construction project called ‘Fortify’ is underway in the Raleigh area, bringing with it a number of anticipated road closures and detours. However the closures scheduled for today have been postponed.

According to the Department of Transportation, officials are working with contractors to devise a plan that will allow work to proceed with minimal interruption, and need more time to implement it. The lane closures are therefore likely to start as of next week.

The department began road closures at night on Wednesday, December 11, shutting down the eastbound lanes of Interstate 440 between the I-40/440 interchange and the U.S. Highway 64/264 split.

All of these closures and other work are part of ‘Fortify’, an extensive project to rebuild an 11.5 mile section of I-40/440. A description of the building project notes the section under repair is 30 years old, and traveled by more than 100,000 vehicles daily. The constant stress has led to enough wear to require the rebuilding.

The Fortify project is one part of a 10-year plan to diminish traffic congestion in Research Triangle and strengthen roads throughout the state. The project will be done in two phases. The first began in November and the second is slated to start late in 2014. During Phase I, two lanes will be open in each direction, while three lanes will remain open in both directions during the second phase.

Raleigh officials, and those from the state Department of Transportation, could work with brochure printers to devise a mailer that explains the project and suggests alternate routes.