North Carolina designated as ‘Top Business Climate’

November 6, 2012 by  

It was announced on Thursday, November 1, through a press release from Site Selection Magazine that North Carolina has the ‘Top Business Climate’ in the United States. Governor Bev Perdue, speaking from her offices in Raleigh, said that North Carolina provides a working environment where companies and their employees can thrive and businesses can operate successfully. Such an acclamation could no doubt enable businesses to be involved in business card printing and stationery printing to add this designation to these types of documents.

According to Mark Arend, Editor in Chief of Site Selection Magazine, the ranking is based on factors that are qualitative and quantitative in nature and ones that corporate site selection executives consider to be the most important. He added that although there are many states that are facing both budgetary and economic challenges, there is still success in the business environment throughout the country. Many industries in North Carolina, from energy to aerospace to life sciences, have been able to grow and develop, and Arend commends the governor for her efforts to make the state conducive for business success.

Governor Perdue emphasized that much work has been done so that North Carolina was able to attain this ranking. Much has been invested in training programs, education, and encouraging innovation. The cost of doing business in the state has been kept low so as to be able to attract companies to the state and to grow those that made their start in the state.