New restaurant major attraction in Pullen Park

November 22, 2011 by  

Under construction since December 2009, Pullen Park in Raleigh, North Carolina opened for the first time over the past weekend. Pullen Park was the first amusement park to be established in North Carolina in 1887 and the renovations to bring it up to date cost about $6 million to complete.

The Raleigh community was able to visit and stroll through the park where the facilities have been updated to include a climate-controlled carousel and a new restaurant, Pullen Place Café and Catering, that uses local producers to provide healthy eating options for its customers. The Café was heavily involved in printing services, creating flyers and brochures to announce its opening to the public and producing the menus that customers will use to make their eating selections.

The opening of the Café is a major attraction in the new park, serving food from local producers at reasonable prices. According to one of the founders, Steve Mangano, the café is designed to serve as an alternative eating place for students at North Carolina State as well as a regular dining facility for the residents of the Raleigh community.

Managano pointed out that the menu includes foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs that are standard fare for an amusement park but also features deli sandwiches, salads, humus and pita bread. With a menu based on what local producers grow on a seasonal basis, the menu will change according to the seasons but will always offer a healthy alternative, a wide variety and reasonable prices, Managano added.

Items are ordered at a walk-up window and seating is provided around the café in addition to other areas dispersed throughout the park.