NC preschool to be funded by $9M from Governor Perdue

February 25, 2012 by  

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue recently announced in Raleigh that she has identified $9.3 million in a subsidy fund and will use it to enroll 2,000 more at risk four-year-olds in a state pre-kindergarten program that will help them catch up with their peers. She will be using printing services to print flyers and posters making this announcement that will also make the public more aware of the situation.

The announcement was made prior to Perdue’s visit at the Happy Face Preschool and is part of her efforts to restore funds to the budget that was created by the Republicans that eliminated several thousand openings in the More at Four program. Perdue was also backed in her efforts to challenge the Republicans by a court ruling that was in her favor. The money will be used to enroll 2,000 children in public and private preschools across the state from March until August, at which time they typical enroll in kindergarten.

According to Perdue, preschool in North Carolina makes a big difference in the life of its children and these funds go a long way in creating the opportunities that children need to be somebody in the state.

Perdue has been supported by Arne Duncan, United States Secretary for Education, who said that the Legislature has not made an equal commitment to the state’s children, leaving them with fewer educational opportunities.

The legislative leaders from the Republican Party have had few comments about Perdue’s decision. The situation is being reviewed by the Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis, and the leader of the Senate, Phil Berger, refrained from making a statement.