Fracking regulation approved by NC Senate

June 13, 2012 by  

In Raleigh, North Carolina last Wednesday the Senate approved legislation that would lead to a government framework that would regulate fracking. This is a method for drilling gas which is very much debated, since in some states it has been blamed for triggering earthquakes and polluting water. The Senate is sure to be making use of flyer printing and poster printing to make drilling companies aware of how the possible law could affect the way they drill wells and carry on other related operations.

The vote was primarily along party lines and was 29 to 19. The measure will now be sent to the House to be further considered. The Republican majority in the Senate and leaders in both chambers are actively involved in efforts to establish a regulatory framework for gas drilling as soon as possible and are not investigating further any more potential problems that could be caused by fracking.

On the other hand, Senator Jerry Tillman, a Republican from Randolph, wants to see all the options before final legislation is passed. Senator Josh Stein, a Democrat from Wake, wants to make sure that, regardless of the legislation passed, it is not left to the drilling industry to decide and is made with all due diligence.

Many environmentalists and residents throughout North Carolina are concerned that the wells use chemicals, sand, and water to crack into shale rock to free trapped natural gas and that these elements are contaminating water supplies. Although fracking has been a popular topic for discussion in New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania in the past, it is becoming more prevalent in North Carolina as natural gas reserves have been uncovered in the state.