e-Stewards Certification given to Creative Recycling Systems

December 5, 2012 by  

The Raleigh, North Carolina facility of Creative Recycling Systems (CRS) recently announced that it has received the e-Stewards Electronic Recycling Certification, demonstrating that the facility is committed to recycling responsibly and to the protection of the environment. The company is no doubt using flyer printing to announce the receipt of this award to the local community so that it is knowledgeable of the efforts the company makes to create a sustainable environment.

CRS, which is an electronics recycling and information technology asset management company, decided to pursue the certification as it is the highest standard that insures that electronics waste will not be exported to developing countries and landfills and incinerators will not be filled with toxic materials. It also stands as a measure for the highest protection of confidential data that is stored in equipment of an electronic nature.

According to Senior Vice President for CRS, Joe Yob, the e-Stewards certification was a necessary achievement for the company in order to demonstrate to others in the industry that it was a world leader in in providing the best solutions for a sustainable environment. The company holds certifications for OHSAS18001, ISO 14001, R2/RIOS, and ISO 9001 and is pursuing the e-Stewards certification for its additional 12 facilities.

Executive Director of Basel Action Network, Jim Puckett, added that e-Stewards Certifications are only given to select recyclers of electronics materials. CRS is able to prove that its electronic waste is processed responsibly and safely and will be required to prove on a regular basis that it is among the most environmentally and socially responsible recyclers in the world.