Downtown Raleigh welcomes new record store

October 8, 2013 by  

Raleigh music lovers who also want to just hang out, talk, and investigate upcoming shows will soon have a place to do all of that soon.

It was confirmed last week that Daniel Lupton will open Sorry State in downtown Raleigh this month. Of course he wants to sell records too, but Lupton also wants to create a haven where punk lovers can congregate and compare notes (pun intended).

Lupton has fixed up the space, located next to The Borough at 317 West Morgan Street, himself, building shelves and painting. Now he has to move in the records and price them, and open the doors. Lupton plans on opening for only limited hours this fall, since he teaches at UNC-Chapel Hill, but will expand opening times in the spring when his class schedule lightens up.

Part of the reason for Lupton’s move is his experience with In the Groove Records, which operates a store on Glenwood Avenue. Lupton was in charge of the punk section there, and realized there is a sizable audience for it.

Sorry State will feature punk, but Lupton also hopes to expand his offerings to a more eclectic mix, though it remains centered on rock. Lupton hopes his store will draw fringe-rock fans in the Raleigh area and those who do not wish to drive miles for their music.

Lupton could consider working with flyer printing experts to create a hand-out for his new store. Items could then be posted on campus, or handed it out there and in downtown Raleigh, creating excitement and interest prior to the opening.