Contractor Training to hold EPA course on lead throughout North Carolina

March 5, 2012 by  

The new courses by the EPA on Lead Safety Renovation, Repair and Painting will be offered throughout North Carolina by Contractor Training beginning this month, with Raleigh being one of the seven cities in which this training will be offered. This course is designed to train contractors on what knowledge is needed in order to work on residential housing or facilities in which children reside that were built before 1978 and includes the necessary procedures for testing for lead. Contractor Training will no doubt be using printing services, such as flyer printing, to announce the availability of this course and brochures with detailed information in what material the courses cover.

According to President of Contractor Training, Robert Attaway, this course will help contractors and remodelers to stay current with the most recent rules and regulations in the construction business. He added that, unlike most other rules that local governments create, these new rules are coming from the EPA, a federal agency, and have a requirement that a Certified Contractor, which is someone who has completed the course, and are designed to prevent lead poisoning occurring in older homes that were built prior to 1978. If such homes do meet the EPA requirements, the fines for these homes can be as high as $37,500 per day for the contractors that are working on these homes.

The goal of Contractor Training in providing courses on new environmental protection acts is to give contractors that take these courses a competitive advantage. Classes are held every month in wilmington, Raleigh and Charlotte and the company is also able to on-site classes anywhere in North or South Carolina with a minimum of four students signing up.