Charging stations coming to Raleigh

December 27, 2012 by  

It was recently announced in Raleigh, North Carolina that six wireless charging systems for electric vehicles were installed in the city which were developed by Evatran, a local startup company as part of the Apollo Program, which is a nationwide initiative whose goal is to encourage motorists to adopt electric vehicles.

Evatran no doubt used flyer printing and poster printing to make motorists aware of the availability of these charging stations so that they might consider an electric or hybrid vehicle when purchasing their next car.

The Apollo Program will be entering its second phase at the beginning of next year and Raleigh is the first city to join the seven other participants that include such organizations as The Hertz Corporation, Google, and Duke Energy.

According to Mayor Nancy McFarlane, Raleigh is proud of its status as the first municipality in the program and shows how the city leads the country in issues related to sustainability.

Plugless Power wireless charging systems will be used for the city’s own convoy of electrically-powered vehicles. These cars are second generation and have been improved since the first phase of the program. Consumers will be able to purchase these cars as early as April of next year. The charging stations themselves will be installed in municipal lots in Raleigh at three parking spots and enable one Chevy Volt and two Nissan Leaf vehicle to be charged without the need to plug into the system.

Evatran is located in the Research Triangle Park area and has been developing the technology for wireless charging for the past three years.